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Image by Ryoji Iwata

The 10,000 Initiative

Teaching ten thousand people how to use social media to share their faith (without feeling overwhelmed).


#FaithMadeSocial initiative is an ambitious undertaking to change the way we share our testimony. 

The journey to 10,000 begins with you.

#FaithMadeSocial is an exciting initiative to accelerate the sharing of the Gospel by helping digital disciples use their social media accounts to share God's love. And the journey to ten thousand begins with you.


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10,000 is a lot. We know.

Faith Made Social wants to build disciples of Christ by equipping them with the tools of social media.

Social media can be a place of negativity, but God calls us to bring light and show love and compassion.

We created Faith Made Social to properly assist you as you continually walk in humility while interacting with people online, whether you have opposing beliefs or similar ones.

Faith Made Social's goal is to create 10,000 digital disciples. All you have to do is share how God has shown you mercy, love, and compassion.

Become a Digital Disciple

From video lessons about mental health, social media breaks and how to create content that speaks life, to guest expert trainings on starting a podcast, growing your TikTok and starting a YouTube channel.
Faith Made Social is an official ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America that aims to spread the gospel through social media by offering trainings aligned with the church's core values.
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